About SRECTrade

SRECTrade, Inc. focuses on three core areas within the Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) markets:

  • Transacting SRECs
  • Developing useful software for market participants
  • Providing detailed research and analysis on market trends

SRECTrade is one of the largest SREC transaction and management firms in the industry, with over 749 MW of solar assets under management. The company facilitates the brokerage of spot and forward contract SREC transactions in the over-the-counter markets.

SRECTrade’s clients cover all market participants including competitive electricity suppliers, utilities, project developers, PPA providers, leasing companies, installation firms, and individual commercial and residential system owners.

The software developed by SRECTrade is used by solar owners to track their SREC generation and issuance, manage and execute transactions, and enroll facilities with state regulators.

Since 2008, SRECTrade has been one of the leading sources for information regarding SREC price trends and legislative updates, bringing a wealth of knowledge and transparency to some of the fastest growing state markets in the solar industry.

SRECTrade was founded in 2007 and is based in San Francisco, CA.

The Team


We look for candidates who can fit into our flexible but hard-working culture where we are motivated by a love for what we do, a sense of responsibility for doing it well and a feeling of ownership for our contribution to the success of the company and the industry.

You can find our career opportunities on LinkedIn.

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The SRECTrade team is ambitious. The group works within a laid back San Francisco office but has very high standards, countless ideas for perpetual growth and a strong moral obligation to their customers. Everyone comes together to make SRECTrade run smoothly and as an intern I was given responsibility and independence with room to voice my opinion as well as the support I needed to complete my assignments.

Everyone there was willing to take time out of their own project to go in depth with me about something I was curious about whether that be an interesting trade from the brokerage desk or a set of new excel skills.

Kelly '14, Stanford University, Energy Engineering Major

West Coast Office
SRECTrade, Inc.
201 California Street
Suite 630
San Francisco, CA 94111

East Coast Office
SRECTrade, Inc.
444 Somerville Ave
Greentown Labs Member Company
Somerville, MA 02143

Toll free: (877) 466-4606
Direct: (415) 763-7732
Mailing Address: 125 S Highway 101 #1006, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Email: clientservices@srectrade.com