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Electricity suppliers and institutional clients with systems above 250 kW.

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Residential & Small Commercial

Home owners and commercial systems smaller than 250 kW.

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Turn-key SREC solutions for solar installers and developers.

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SRECTrade's bid pricing by market and vintage and all the latest news from the industry.

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We transact SRECs in over-the-counter markets through both spot and forward contracts. With 1 in 7 US SREC-eligible solar facilities tracking SRECs in our platform, we are the largest hub for buyers and sellers to transact SRECs.


We provide a simple interface for registering solar facilities and transacting SRECs. With SRECTrade's software clients can seamlessly manage applications, track SREC availability on multiple registry platforms, transact SRECs, and view transaction histories all in one place.


We are the leading source for comprehensive information on the SREC markets. Our focus on educating participants has made SRECs accessible to everyone.