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North Carolina accepts SREC registrations from facilities sited in all 50 states. This national acceptance of SREC registrations virtually guarantees that the local SREC program will be over-supplied as long as the market exists. Systems located in the Dominion Power utility territory of North Carolina may opt to be certified in the PA SREC market instead. For a period of time before January 2011, NC systems were eligible to apply to the DC SREC market. SRECTrade can assist in the registration and management of facilities located in North Carolina that are eligible for the PA market.

Markets for NC systems

PA (Dominion) or NC

Tracking Registry


Energy Year

Jan - Dec

Eligible System Locations

All states

Solar requirement

Reaching 0.2% of total electricity generated by 2018 (based on 2017 electricity).

Eligibility begins

Upon date of interconnection.


It is up to the NCUC to determine if there will be an SACP or an alternative penalty for non-compliance.

SREC useful life

2 years - a 2014 NC SREC can be counted towards either the 2014 or 2015 compliance.

Market requirements

The breakdown of the state SREC market requirements as currently set by state legislation.

Energy Year % Solar Requirement
2010 0.02%
2011 0.02%
2012 0.07%
2013 0.07%
2014 0.07%
2015 0.14%
2016 0.14%
2017 0.14%
2018 0.20%
2019 0.20%
2020 0.20%
2021 0.20%

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