North Carolina Systems Able to Sell SRECs into DC

Posted July 20th, 2010 by SRECTrade.

The DC Public Service Commission is accepting applications for facilities in ALL of North Carolina.  This word comes after some initial confusion regarding the eligibility of areas adjacent to territories directly served by PJM.  The DC market provides an alternative means for selling SRECs for small commercial and residential facilities in North Carolina.

Although prices in the DC market are close to $300 per SREC, the market is small.  In 2010, a total of approximately 3 megawatts must be installed in order to meet the requirement.  That number grows to 15 megawatts in 5 years (dwarfed in comparison by North Carolina which grows from 23 MW to 85 MW in 5 years).  Considering that facilities in the entire PJM region are eligible for the DC market, it is quite possible that this market becomes oversubscribed in the future. We foresee the DC market as a viable option for smaller facilities (under 250 kW) for now, but in the long-run, it will be difficult for the solar industry in North Carolina to rely on DC legislation. The long-term solution for the North Carolina solar market hinges on the state making some changes to the current legislation that encourage the development of a real in-state SREC market.

In the meantime, SRECTrade is accepting applications from solar facilities in North Carolina.  We will register the facilities in both DC and NC.  SRECs will be sold in the market with the best pricing.  To get your NC system signed up, just fill out our EasyREC forms here.

More on North Carolina soon. You can always check our North Carolina page.

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