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A combination of aggressive solar goals, a restrictive infrastructure for development, and the District’s demographics has preserved the DC SREC market, where SREC prices remain high due to undersupply. The D.C. City Council passed a law in July 2011 preventing out-of-state systems registered after January 31, 2011 from participating in the DC SREC Market, further limiting supply.

Recently, efforts to promote greater access to solar, such as a 2013 community net metering law, initiatives to promote greater penetration of solar installations among low-income residents, and the 2015 RPS Expansion Act promise to increase solar installation build rates across the District.

Markets for DC Systems

DC and PA Tier-I

Tracking Registry


Energy Year

Jan - Dec

Eligible System Locations


Market Prices

Latest Bid Price:

Solar Requirement

Reaching 5.00% of total electricity generated in 2032.

Meter Readings

All systems are required to have a revenue grade meter and report monthly meter readings.

Eligibility Start Date

A system’s eligibility start date is based on the system’s date of interconnection or the beginning of the current calendar year (whichever happens second).


The Solar Alternative Compliance Payment (SACP) is the penalty price that electricity suppliers must pay per SREC if they fail to file the required number of SRECs by the end of each compliance period. The DC SACP is set at $500 per SREC through 2023 declining thereafter, as shown below.

SREC Useful Life

DC SRECs have a useful life of 5 years (i.e., a 2021 vintage SREC can be counted towards the 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, or 2025 compliance periods).

Market Requirements

DC SREC market requirements as currently set by state legislation:

Energy Year % Solar Requirement SACP
2019 1.85% $500
2020 2.18% $500
2021 2.50% $500
2022 2.60% $500
2023 3.00% $500
2024 3.65% $480
2025 4.30% $460
2026 5.00% $440
2027 5.65% $420
2028 6.30% $400
2029 7.00% $380
2030 7.65% $360
2031 8.30% $340
2032 9.00% $320
2033 9.65% $300
2034 10.30% $300
2035 11.00% $300
2036 11.65% $300
2037 12.30% $300
2038 13.00% $300
2039 13.65% $300
2040 14.30% $300
2041 15.00% $300

Source: EIA Report "Retail Sales of Electricity by State by Sector by Provider (EIA-861)" updated 3/23/15. Projected SRECs Required utilizes the most recent EIA electricity data applying an average 1.0% growth rate per forecast year. RPS Solar Requirement is multiplied by forecast total electricity sales to arrive at Projected SRECs Required. Projected Capacity Required is based on a factor of 1,200 MWh generated per MW of installed capacity per year. Projected Capacity Required assumes the amount of capacity needed to be operational all year to meet that year's RPS requirements with only current vintage SRECs.

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