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IL 2017 DG Procurement Round One – Webinar

Posted March 8th, 2017 by SRECTrade.

Earlier today, SRECTrade hosted a webinar covering the upcoming IL 2017 DG Procurement Round One, including requirements for applying facilities, IPA and SRECTrade fees, bidding and block grouping mechanics, and the SRECTrade application process.

SRECTrade’s application window for Round One is open from Monday, March 20th to Monday, April 3rd.

Please feel free to reference the IL DG Procurement Spring 2017 Application Instructions HERE.

For access to the presentation slides, please click HERE. To view a video recording of the webinar, please click the image below.

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IL 2017 DG Procurement Round One Webinar

Posted March 3rd, 2017 by SRECTrade.

SRECTrade, Inc. will be hosting a webinar covering the upcoming IL 2017 DG Procurement Round One on Wednesday, March 8th, at 1:00pm CST. The April procurement round is the first of two rounds scheduled for 2017.

To register for the webinar, please click HERE.

SRECTrade will be participating in both procurement rounds in 2017. Our application window for Round One is open from Monday, March 20th to Monday, April 3rd.

For more information on the upcoming procurement rounds beforehand, please visit our blog post on the topic here.

Delaware Pilot SREC Procurement Program

Posted March 30th, 2012 by SRECTrade.

SRECTrade was recently awarded the contract to administer the Delaware Pilot SREC Procurement Program on behalf of the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU) and Delmarva Power. Since receiving the contract we’ve put up a website to answer questions about the program and to accept applications for the solicitation. An overview powerpoint and webinar recording can be viewed by clicking here.

This is the first essentially state-wide SREC program to take such a long-term approach to SREC contracts. Regulators and industry observers are eager to see how this “pilot” solicitation is reviewed. Should the “pilot” be deemed successful it is likely that the SEU will hold yearly solicitations for SREC contracts.

With the Pilot SREC Procurement Program, the  SEU and Delmarva have formed a partnership to provide stable, long-term pricing (20-year contracts) for a finite amount of SRECs from systems that are accepted into the program. Among the eligible systems for the program, preferential selection and pricing  is given to systems installed with Delaware parts and/or labor. Systems under 250 kW (DC) nameplate capacity apply into a lottery solicitation, whereas systems that are greater than 250 kW (DC) must apply through a competitive bid process.  The solicitation will likely be over-subscribed with applications from among the many eligible, in-state systems. Solar systems that are not successful in the solicitation will still be able to transact SRECs outside of the Delmarva program, and could remain eligible for future solicitations or this program.

Key items

  • DE-sited solar systems interconnected on or after 12/1/2010 are eligible.
  • Systems must have online monitoring.
  • Systems that received funding from a public source other than the Federal Investment Tax Credit and DE Green Energy Program are ineligible.
  • 4/2/2012 – Solicitation opens.
  • 4/6/2012 – Solicitation will stay open at least until this date for systems <250 kW (DC) capacity, but could stay open if not all capacity is filled.
  • 4/13/2012- Solicitation closes for systems >250 kW (DC).
  • 4/23/2012 – Results announced.
  • Rhode Island National Grid Seeks Standard Contracts

    Posted December 7th, 2011 by SRECTrade.

    National Grid Rhode Island is currently procuring applications for standard contracts from eligible Distributed Generation projects. The enrollment started on December 1, 2011 at 9am EPT, and will close on December 14, 2011 at 5pm EPT. The contracts will last for 15 years, and will cover a total of 5MW of capacity, with 1.5 MW allocated to wind and 3.5 to solar in the following distribution and ceiling price.

    2011 Class Nameplate 2011 Target(kW) Nameplate 2011 Ceiling Price (cents/kWh)
    Solar-PV: 10-150 kW 0.5 MW 33.35
    Solar-PV: 151-500 kW 1.0 MW 31.60
    Solar-PV: 501-5,000 kW 2.0 MW 28.95
    Wind 1.5 MW 13.35

    In order to be eligible for this procurement, systems must

    • Be an electric generation unit that uses exclusively an eligible renewable energy resource (as defined under R.I.G.L S39-26-5  and section 5 of the rules and regulations governing the implementation of a renewable energy standard)
    • Neither have begun operations, nor completed financing for construction
    • Be located in the Narragansett Electric Company ISO-NE load zone
    • Not have a nameplate capacity greater than 5MW
    • Be connected to the electric distribution company’s power system.

    In addition, project owners must have submitted an Interconnection application and have a completed Feasibility or Impact study as defined in the Rhode Island Distributed Generation Interconnection Act and The Narragansett Electric Company Standards for Connecting Distributed Generation.

    A performance guarantee deposit will have to be paid at the time of execution of the contract. It will be assessed based on $15.00 per REC for small distributed generation projects (<500kW), and $25 per REC for large distributed generation projects (>500kW) estimated to be generated per year. The total sum will be no lower than $500 and not more than $75,000. Should the distributed generation facility not produce the output proposed in its enrollment application within (18) months of contract execution, the contract will be voided automatically, and the performance guarantee deposit forfeited.

    For facilities that are also being employed for net metering, a proposal may be submitted to sell the excess output from the project. In this case, the class in which the project belongs is determined by total project size, not the excess output offered.

    The project must obtain qualification as a renewable resource as per Rhode Island’s Renewable Energy Standard, and must register with NEPOOL-GIS. Once qualified, National Grid must be designated to receive all the RECs produced by the project through NEPOOL-GIS.

    More information and the application forms can be found on the National Grid Procurement Website.