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Happy Holidays from the SRECTrade Team

Posted December 23rd, 2021 by SRECTrade.

SRECTrade Continues Partnership With 365 Pronto For SolarEdge Modem Replacements

Posted December 20th, 2021 by SRECTrade.

Next year, telecommunications providers will phase out their support of more than 22 million 3G communications devices—including critical equipment your solar system uses to measure, record, and communicate production data such as the CDMA/GSM modem within certain SolarEdge inverter models.

As a result of this phaseout, these modems will fall out of compliance for the minting of SRECs and receipt of quarterly payments to solar system owners.

To prevent this sunset from impacting you, SRECTrade has partnered with 365 Pronto to remove and dispose of old 3G modems and replace them with new 4G/5G modems that follow the regulations and network communications needed for verified SREC payments to system owners.

While there is no fine or penalty for not having this equipment swapped out, system owners who choose not to upgrade will soon stop receiving quarterly SREC payments, negatively impacting the expected return on investment from their solar installation(s).

Pricing, Payment, and Rollout
System owners are responsible for the cost of this replacement equipment and related labor. SRECTrade is committed to helping our customers keep costs low, so we have negotiated preferred pricing with 365 Pronto, our technology and logistics partner. This pricing is conditional on the system owner registering for the replacement in a timely manner when the rollout has reached their geographical region.

The rollout is being conducted in phases and is currently underway in Massachusetts, with a registration deadline of Saturday, January 8, 2022.

If you delay the registration—or do so outside the period within your region—we cannot guarantee the agreed-upon preferred price.

Massachusetts SREC Market
Current SREC market prices are around $300/MWh/SREC. For the average system size of 7 kW, this represents a potential loss of $2,100 per year in SREC credit payments for Massachusetts residents. For systems larger than the average, the loss is even greater.

Next Steps
If you are a Massachusetts resident receiving quarterly SREC payments, the process begins by visiting the replacement program entry page to initiate your modem replacement:

Replace Your Modem – Sign Up with 365 Pronto

From there you’ll complete a simple, step-by-step, online interface to register your system.

Completing the application to register your system takes less than 10 minutes. You will be asked to:

  1. Verify the accuracy of our records about your system and site location
  2. Make an initial payment for the work to commence
  3. Provide the best contact information for a local provider to contact you and schedule the work

We estimate that your modem will arrive 30-40 days after you purchase it. Once your 365 Pronto service provider has your equipment in stock, they will reach out to you to schedule the installation. In many cases, the homeowner does not have to be present during the installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a CDMA/GSM modem?
    • For cellular-based monitoring to function, solar inverters contain a modem operating on Global Systems for Mobile (GSM) or CDMA, a radio network used by wireless carriers. These networks are more commonly referred to as 2G and 3G and were widely used in the early years of cellular communication technology, with CDMA being the predominant network in the U.S.
  2. Why is this replacement necessary?
    • Wireless communications protocols become obsolete over time, and the wireless carriers (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) are phasing out old networks (2G/3G) in favor of faster, upgraded networks. Many solar systems installed more than three years ago likely have equipment designed for the network technology of the time (2G/3G).
  3. What is 365 Pronto?
    • 365 Pronto is our technology and logistics partner. It is a technology platform company matching asset owners (you) with an on-demand qualified workforce (local service providers) through automated technology. Because of its unique model, it can service the entirety of SRECTrade’s systems under trading.
  4. How much will a new modem cost?
    • Through our partnership, we were able to negotiate a special lower-than-market price just for Massachusetts SREC Trade customers. This price includes all parts and installation, plus a five-year data plan.  You should act now, because next month, 365 Pronto providers will be conducting work in your area. If you reserve your modem replacement slot by Saturday, January 8, 2022 , you can secure a 20% in-market price discount on your equipment and installation.
  5. Can I use my original installer?
    • Yes, you may contact your installer to ask about having this work performed. However, providers who are not part of the 365 Pronto network may not be able to guarantee the same price. This is why it is important to book your modem replacement with 365 Pronto before Saturday, January 8, 2022, and reserve your discounted price.
  6. When will my new modem be installed?
    • Due to supply limitations, we expect that your modem will be installed between February and March 2022. Once your 365 Pronto service provider has your equipment in stock, they will reach out to you to schedule the installation. At that time, 365 Pronto will process your payment for the installation. In some cases, the homeowner does not have to be present during the installation. However, if the unit is located in the garage it may be necessary for you to be present during the installation.
  7. Will the modem be sent to my home?
    • Yes, the modems will be sent directly to your home. When the modem has shipped, you’ll receive a USPS tracking number per email so you’ll know it’s location at any given moment and when it will arrive.
  8. Do I need to do anything once the new modem is installed?
    • No. Once your new modem is installed, it will begin to communicate your solar output with SRECTrade as normal. If you have questions about your account, please email
  9. How do I know my modem is working?
    • We understand that there is a delay between when your output is recorded and when your SRECs are minted. We will provide email confirmation to let you know that the system is working. If you have questions about your account, please email
  10. What is the modem type and manufacturer that is being used for the replacement(s)? Is it up to the installer? Does the old modem in any way dictate which new modem will be installed?
    • SolarEdge CELL-A-R05-US-S-S2 or SolarEdge CELL-B-R05-US-S-S2 is the dedicated replacement for the modem.
  11. Do the new modems being installed have internet/ethernet connection capabilities?
    • Both replacement parts are cellular-only, and do not support an internet/ethernet connection.
  12. Who should 365 Pronto clients contact if they want to cancel their work order? Is this possible in the first place?
    • If, on the rare occasion, a customer wishes to cancel an order, they should submit the request to
  13. Is the 365 Pronto Wizard secure?
    • The security of the 365 Pronto platform and website is paramount, and we treat customer information with the utmost care. While we have not received any official reports of notifications related to the security of our site, anyone with questions should reach out to
  14. Is there a 365 Pronto customer service phone number that clients can call for assistance with registering? Related, how can clients sign up if they do not have a computer?
    • Currently, we offer chat support via the website and email support. Although we can help a customer with the process, they do need to access our platform to purchase their modem. They can log into the sign-up wizard from any browser on a phone, laptop, or device of their choice.
  15. Will my modem stop working after January 8th and interrupt my SRECs?
    • Your modem will continue to monitor your output; however, it will no longer communicate directly with SRECTrade after the 3G sunset, which is scheduled to happen as early as February 2022. If you have specific questions about your SREC account, please contact

*Disclaimer: Price is subject to i) sales tax on equipment and ii) change, based on availability and offering acceptance timing. We expect that your equipment will arrive 30-40 days after you purchase it. Once your 365 Pronto service provider has your modem in stock, they will reach out to you to schedule the installation.