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New Jersey Successor Solar Incentive (SuSI) Program – Webinar

Posted October 7th, 2021 by SRECTrade.

Earlier today, SRECTrade hosted a webinar for New Jersey Successor Solar Incentive (SuSI) Program stakeholders. The webinar reviewed many important facets of the SuSI Program including pricing, the registration process, and market parameters as well as SRECTrade’s participation as a REC management and transaction service provider.

For access to the presentation slides, please click HERE. To view a recording of the webinar, please click the image below.

Yard Management’s Industry Leader Accelerates Drive to Eliminate Emissions

Posted October 6th, 2021 by SRECTrade.

SRECTrade’s turnkey solution helps fund Lazer Spot’s continued deployment and operation of zero-emission yard trucks using renewably generated electricity

ALPHARETTA, GA and SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 6, 2021 – Today Lazer Spot announced its partnership with SRECTrade to advise and manage the company’s environmental commodities as part of further accelerating Lazer Spot’s long-time drive to reduce vehicle emissions. As the leader in the spotting industry Lazer Spot has reduced emissions for years, operating 100% electric yard trucks since 2017. Informed by these early trials, Lazer Spot has accelerated the deployment of 100% electric yard trucks aided by SRECTrade’s work to optimize funding provided by environmental commodity programs like California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS).

Lazer Spot has led the reduction of vehicle emissions since 2015 with an Idle Reduction Initiative that improved the overall health of its fleet, saved on fuel and reduced emissions. The company now is ahead of the standard industry idle time by almost 30%, saving over 1.5 million gallons of fuel and eliminating over 32 million pounds of CO2 emissions. Two years into this initiative Lazer Spot began deploying its first all-electric yard trucks and is now more aggressively transitioning its fleet while successfully balancing the benefits against higher initial deployment costs.  

SRECTrade’s ability to source renewably generated electricity to power electric trucks is a key part of Lazer Spot’s sustainability strategy. “We wanted a turnkey solution from a partner that could help educate, advise and operationalize these tough new regulatory programs,” said David Stringer, Vice President of Innovation at Lazer Spot. “We also recognized that with our scale, we must leverage every resource to make the tech more affordable, approachable and ultimately more sustainable for our customers and the communities in which we operate – the very same communities in which we live.”

Stringer noted that the transition to EVs has been cost effective and beneficial in many ways. The zero-emission vehicles have led to more efficient workdays, safer working conditions, and greater employee retention. Stringer reflects on Lazer Spot’s transition to renewable energy, saying, “there doesn’t have to be a compromise.” It’s a win for everyone: employees, customers, the environment…and the bottom-line.

SRECTrade advises on and manages Lazer Spot’s environmental commodity portfolio maximizing benefits from complex clean fuel and renewable energy programs – both financial and strategic – as the firm accelerates efforts to decarbonize across its network. Lazer Spot plans to deploy over 30 trucks by the end of 2021 with a goal to get to 100 trucks in 2022.

About Lazer Spot

Lazer Spot is the leading provider of yard management in North America, working at 400+ sites in the USA and Canada for leading manufacturers and retailers. Our task is to move trailers safely and reliably around the yards of our customers’ production plants and distribution centers or between those and outside trailer yards to ensure that each trailer arrives and leaves the correct dock door on a just in time basis. Our name is because we are Lazer focused on customer satisfaction, reliability and safety.

About SRECTrade, Inc.

SRECTrade provides trusted advice, management services, and technology to fund budgets and accelerate deployment of clean transportation and renewable energy assets managing credit generation, sale, and payment under complex regulatory programs. SRECTrade is the largest agent manager of EV assets for the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and has earned an annual client retention greater than 99% with more than 54,000 unique assets under management and more than 175,000 clean energy assets managed on its technology platform. With presence across 14 regulated markets and 20 tradable products in North America, SRECTrade provides a single partner to accelerate adoption of clean energy and clean transportation equipment and minimizing the time, cost, and risk associated with environmental commodity programs.

The press release can also be found HERE.

New Jersey Successor Solar Incentive (SuSI) Program Webinar

Posted October 1st, 2021 by SRECTrade.

SRECTrade is presenting a webinar on the New Jersey Successor Solar Incentive (SuSI) Program on Thursday, October 7th at 2:00 PM EST. The webinar will review many important facets of the SuSI Program including pricing, the registration process, and market parameters as well as SRECTrade’s participation as a REC management and transaction service provider.

To register for the webinar, please click HERE.

Please note that a webinar recording will be made available on the SRECTrade Blog after the webinar.