Giving thanks!

Posted November 25th, 2009 by SRECTrade.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’d like to thank a couple folks who have recently written about our services.

Dave is a new solar owner from New Jersey who has chronicled his experience going solar in his blog at  In writing about his journey to go solar, Dave has shed a great deal of light on the entire process.  He’s been an advocate for our services and we are excited to get him started!

One of the the things we love about our business is the role we play in enabling solar.  Matt of PIMBY Energy, LLC (i.e. Power-In-My-Back-Yard) recently signed up with us and sold his first SRECs in the PA market.  He also wrote about his first experience selling SRECs. The exciting part of this news is that Matt is an installer in West Virginia, a state without an SREC program! Because he is in the PJM region, his SRECs are eligible for registration in PA, OH and potentially DC. Since Matt was registered in PA, his SRECs were sold in our November PA SREC auction. If you are in West Virginia or Virginia, we encourage you to reach out to PIMBY to find out more.

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have a wonderful holiday.

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