New Mexico Just Passed a Clean Fuel Standard. Which Other States Are Considering Legislation?

Posted February 14th, 2024 by SRECTrade.

The New Mexico Senate approved HB41 by a vote of 26-15 on Tuesday night. The bill now heads to Governor Grisham for signature. Once signed into law, New Mexico will become the fourth state with a clean fuel standard behind Washington, Oregon, and California.  

The bill would require the New Mexico Department of Environment to implement low carbon fuel standard regulations by July 2026. The program would mandate a 20% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030 and a 30% reduction by 2040, while creating mechanisms for generating and trading credits similar to those of existing programs.

Which Other States are Considering Clean Fuel Policy?


Minnesota approved a 100% clean energy standard in 2023 and may be poised to become the next state to pass a clean fuel standard this year. Last week, a working group convened by the legislature delivered a report recommending more moderate carbon intensity targets than those included in the current legislation. Minnesota’s 2024 legislative session concludes on May 20. 

New York

The New York Senate approved S. 1292 in June 2023 but the bill failed to pass in the State Assembly. Clean fuel policy has been considered by New York lawmakers for a number of years but has struggled to gain support with key stakeholders including environmental groups. 


In 2023, lawmakers introduced H.B 5083 and S.B 275 to establish a clean fuel standard for the state. The bill would require a 35% reduction in the carbon intensity of transportation fuels by 2035. The bill has yet to be heard by a legislative committee in the current session and was not included in sweeping climate policies approved last November. 

Several other states are considering clean fuel standard legislation including: Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Hawaii, and Illinois. 

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