Adjustable Block Program – SRECTrade No Longer Filing Extensions for Interconnection Deadlines

Posted October 17th, 2023 by SRECTrade.

Due to SRECTrade’s retirement as an Approved Vendor in the Illinois Adjustable Block Program on August 10th, 2022 (see this blog post for more information), extensions will no longer be filed for projects who have not met their interconnection deadlines.

Adjustable Block Program (ABP) projects are awarded a contract after their Part I approval. The project then has 12 or 18 months to provide energization documents and be submitted for Part II approval. In the past, SRECTrade has filed extensions on behalf of projects that required more time. Beginning in November, 2023, any projects that have not been Part II submitted by their deadline will be canceled with SRECTrade. This will result in the forfeit of the application and collateral fees (that are non-refundable once awarded a contract), and will require the project to be resubmitted through a different approved vendor to participate in the ABP program.

SRECTrade will continue to provide services for all applications that are Part II submitted prior to their energization deadline. To help ensure your application is not canceled, please submit any outstanding documents 6 weeks prior to your deadline.

SRECTrade looks forward to continuing service of its Designees and existing clients during the remainder of their participation in the ABP.

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