D.C. Council Committee Holds Public Hearing on RPS Expansion Bill

Posted May 31st, 2016 by SRECTrade.

On May 23rd, Councilmember Cheh held a public hearing on three important energy and climate change bills currently under review by the Council: B21-0650, the Renewable Portfolio Standard Expansion Amendment Act of 2016; B21-0412, the Solar Energy Amendment Act of 2015; and B21-0369, the Commission on Climate Change and Resiliency Establishment Act. The Renewable Portfolio Standard Expansion Amendment Act of 2016, which was introduced to the Council in March, will increase the RPS and solar carve-out requirements to 50 percent and 5 percent by the year 2032, respectively, and increase alternative compliance payments (financial penalties) for electricity suppliers who fail to comply with RPS requirements. Additional goals of B21-0650, in conjunction with the goals of B21-0412 and B21-0369, aim to facilitate the continued growth of solar and other renewables in the District. Currently, the bills are under review by the Council’s Committee on Transportation and the Environment, which will consider the public comments and written testimony submitted in response to the Public Hearing.

With the public comment period closed, the Committee will move to hold a mark-up meeting as soon as June 1st to consider possible amendments to B21-0650. Following this meeting, the bill should be presented for a hearing on or around June 7th, with a second hearing in July, and a vote as early as mid-July.

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SRECTrade will continue to provide updates on the status of the D.C. RPS bill as it progresses with the Council.

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