Illinois Adjustable Block Program Discretionary Capacity Allocation

Posted April 5th, 2019 by SRECTrade.

April 17, 2019 Update: On April 16, 2019 the ABP Administrator published the final Block 4 REC Pricing, confirming the indicative Block 4 REC Pricing displayed in the table below. Please note that a typo was made in the original indicative table of $69.93 for Group A Large 10-25 kW, which should actually be $69.63. This typo has been corrected in the table below.

On Wednesday, April 3rd, the Adjustable Block Program (ABP) Administrator announced the Adjustable Block Program Discretionary Capacity Allocation. Notably, the 166.5 MW AC of discretionary capacity was allocated between the six Block Categories according to the table below:

Combining the discretionary capacity allocation (Block 4) with the initial opening volumes in Blocks 1-3 results in the following final block volumes (MW AC):

All ABP applications qualifying under discretionary capacity will receive Block 4 pricing, which is 4% lower than Block 3 pricing. Indicative Block 4 pricing is displayed in the table below:

As of the Program Administrator’s Current Status of Illinois Adjustable Block Program Blocks update on April 4, 2019, there are 129.608 MW AC of applications accounted for in the Group A Large Block Category. The addition of the Group A Large discretionary capacity indicates that all Group A Large applications submitted by the February 13th deadline and approved by the Program Administrator will receive at least Block 4 pricing, even if they are not selected in the Block 1 Lottery. There are also still 11+ MW AC of Group A Large capacity available at Block 4 pricing for new applications.

As of the April 4th capacity update, there are also 123.562 MW AC of applications accounted for in the Group B Large Block Category, indicating that there are still 26+ MW AC of Group B Large capacity available at Block 4 pricing.

SRECTrade is currently accepting facility applications for all Small and Large Block Categories at the following indicative pricing:

  • Group A Small – Block 1
  • Group A Large – Block 4
  • Group B Small – Block 1
  • Group B Large – Block 2

For more information on the rationale behind the discretionary capacity allocation, please view the Allocation of Adjustable Block Program Discretionary Capacity Rationale document. SRECTrade will continue to provide updates on ABP developments and will also closely monitor the results of the April 10th Block 1 Lottery.

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