March 2013 SREC Auction Results

Posted March 12th, 2013 by SRECTrade.

SRECTrade’s March 2013 SREC Auction closed on 2/28/13. Below are the clearing prices by vintage across the markets covered in the auction.

March SREC Prices SREC Vintage Year
State 2011 2012 2013*
Maryland $135.00 $128.00
Massachusetts $220.00
New Jersey $100.00 $105.56 $112.00
Ohio In-State $40.00
Ohio Out-of-State $5.99
Pennsylvania $10.00
Washington, DC $386.12 $381.12

*Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania operate on a June-May energy year. For example, current vintage SRECs are generated beginning in June of 2012.
Green text represents a price increase over the last auction clearing price for that vintage, red text represents a decrease.
“-” reflects no sale, which would result if there were no SRECs available for sale in that vintage or there were no matching bids and offers to determine a clearing price.

For detailed analysis of SREC market prices and trends please subscribe to the SREC Market Monitor, a joint publication of Greentech Media’s GTM Research and SRECTrade.

State Market Observations:

Delaware: No DE SRECs transacted in the March auction. Most demand for DE SRECs will be through the DE SEU SREC Procurement Program solicitations. For the latest information on the upcoming 2013 solicitation click here: 2013 DE Program Announcement.

Maryland: MD2012 and MD2013 SRECs transacted at $135/SREC and $128/SREC, respectively, in the March auction. While MD12s in the over the counter (OTC) market transacted higher in the middle of the month, demand subsided at the end of the month. Compliance obligations for 2012 are currently being finalized.

Massachusetts: MA2012 SRECs traded at $220/SREC. OTC transactions have trended at the same levels between $220 and $230/SREC. SREC issuance volumes in Q1-Q3 2012 and October – December 2012 MWhs reported to the MA CEC demonstrate that 2012’s requirements have been met. The next SREC issuance for Q4 2012 generation will fall on April 15, 2013. The 2012 market will be oversupplied by approximately 50% of this year’s compliance obligation. On 2/27/13, the DOER announced proposed rule changes.

New Jersey: NJ2012 and NJ2013 SRECs traded up to $105.56 and $112/SREC, respectively. The NJ Office of Clean Energy announced total installed capacity through January 2013 was estimated to be 973.4 MW, a monthly increase of approximately 17.4 MW. Over the past few days OTC transactions have trended down to come inline with the March auction pricing. New Jersey’s regulated utilities will be hosting an auction for upwards of 60,000 NJ2013 SRECs on March 19. This auction will decrease demand and may result in continued downward pressure on SREC pricing.

Ohio: OH2013 Sited SRECs transacted at $40/SREC and OH2013 Adjacent SRECs traded at $5.99/SREC. There was no sale of the 2012 vintages indicating the lack of demand and oversupply in the market. 2013 is expected to continue to experience oversupply and minimal demand. Most demand for OH Sited SRECs has been fulfilled through long term agreements with large utility scale projects or through long term RFPs with the state’s regulated utilities. 2012 compliance obligations are currently being finalized.

Pennsylvania: PA2013 SRECs traded at $10/SREC, in line with the February 2013 auction. OTC transactions have been pricing slightly higher. SREC oversupply continues to impact PA’s market. 

Washington, DC: The 2010 and 2012 vintages increased to $355 and $386.12/SREC, respectively. Additionally, DC2013 SRECs traded at $381.12. Compliance entities are currently finalizing obligations for 2012. It is expected the market will continue to experience under supply into the 2013 trading year.

For historical auction pricing please see this link. The next SRECTrade auction closes on Monday, April 1 at 5 p.m. ET and will cover PJM Solar RECs. The next MA Solar REC auction will close on Monday, April 15 after the Q4 2012 NEPOOL GIS issuance. Click here to sign in and place an order.

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