MA SREC-I Update: 2016 Demand and 2014 SCCA Clears Round 1

Posted July 28th, 2015 by SRECTrade.

Over the past couple days, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has released a couple important announcements.

MA2016 SREC-I Compliance Obligation

Yesterday, July 27, 2015, the DOER released the 2016 SREC-I preliminary compliance obligation. The details of the email can be found here.

The preliminary obligation for the 2016 compliance year has been set at 845,519 SRECs. The MA DOER noted that the requirement will be finalized and announced no later than August 30, 2015. Additionally, it was stated that the requirement, “will more than likely lead to an undersupply of the SREC-I market in 2016”. The DOER also specifically noted that the undersupply for MA2016 SREC-Is has no impact on the MA SREC-II market.

For more information on the calculation of the MA2016 SREC-I requirement visit the DOER website and the detailed calculation document.

Solar Credit Clearinghouse Auction Clears in Round 1

Today, July 28, 2015, the DOER announced the results of the Solar Credit Clearinghouse Auction (SCCA) for MA2014 SREC-I vintage Solar Renewable Energy Credits. Available for sale were 124,831 MA2014 SREC-Is at a fixed price of $300/SREC to all buyers; a price of $285/SREC to sellers. The auction hosted 55 unique bidders with a total bid volume of 1,113,789 SRECs, almost 9.0x the amount of SRECs available for sale. More information about the SCCA can be found on the DOER’s website.

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