Massachusetts SREC-II Solar Capacity Update: February 18, 2016

Posted February 18th, 2016 by SRECTrade.

On Thursday, February 18th, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) provided an update to the list of SREC-II Qualified Generation Units. Notably, the DOER announced that 67.3 Megawatts (MW) of capacity remains available under the SREC-II program for systems equal to or less than 25 kW DC. The DOER has provided information on its Statement of Qualification Application webpage that clarifies the procedure and required documentation for systems equal to or less than 25 kW to obtain an Assurance of Qualification (AQ).

The DOER continues to sort through the applications for projects larger than 25 kW. As previously announced, on February 5, 2016, the SREC-II program reached its cap for projects greater than 25 kW. As of this update, all incomplete applications have been marked as “Returned” in the online Statement of Qualification Application. The DOER has stated that applications that have been returned have to be completed by Thursday, February 25th, to resubmit a complete application to the DOER. SRECTrade is reviewing all returned applications accordingly and will request missing information from our applicants. We will contact you directly regarding the timing of completion. All missing documentation will need to be prepared and submitted as soon as possible in advance of the DOER deadline.

All applications that are still found by the DOER to be incomplete or that are submitted after the deadline will be rejected, and applicants will be required to reapply with a new application. The DOER will provide a status update to all applicants after completing its review of applications that are resubmitted through this process.

SRECTrade will continue to monitor the current status of the program and provide updates on applications as they become available.

A summary of the current status report can be found below:


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