New Jersey SREC Registration Program (SRP) Transition Update

Posted February 23rd, 2016 by SRECTrade.

The New Jersey Office of Clean Energy announced that, effective March 1st, 2016, all solar renewable energy credit (SREC) registration program (SRP) applications will be submitted through an online portal. This portal is anticipated to expedite the review and approval of SRP registrations and reduce the backlog that the state works with. Registrants will have opportunities to submit project specifications as well as upload supporting documentation through the portal. Although paper applications will no longer be accepted, this development will help to streamline the application process for the nation’s largest SREC market.

Office of Clean Energy representatives hosted training sessions for the online portal on February 18th and 19th. The webinars were made publicly available on the Office’s webpage and a user manual with frequently asked questions will also be developed.

The Office encourages registrants who have previously submitted a paper application to withdraw their application and re-submit it to the online portal on or after March 1st, thus expediting the application review. For applicants that choose to re-submit their registrations in the online portal, the registration date of their original submissions will be used to determine compliance with state rules.

The Office also announced that from this time forward all SRP Registration packets and Final As-built documentation should be submitted to the new address below:

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, SRP Processing Team, c/o Applied Energy Group
317 George Street, Suite 305
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

The Office’s phone number for inquiries, 866-NJSMART (657-6278), remains unchanged.

SRECTrade, Inc. continues to enjoy great success transacting in the New Jersey SREC market as prices have steadily risen over the last four months. For more information on the New Jersey SREC market, please visit our state webpage here.

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