Ohio Legislature poised to pass legislation freezing Renewable Portfolio Standard

Posted May 21st, 2014 by SRECTrade.

As mentioned in our May 9th blog post, the Ohio State Senate passed SB 310. If signed in to law, the bill that would reduce the Ohio mandate for renewable energy installations, and allow the mandate for renewable energy in Ohio to be completely met with out-of-state facilities. The house version of the bill is up for consideration this week and is supported by Ohio Governor John Kasich who is quoted as saying that Ohio’s RPS mandates are, “simply unrealistic and will drive up energy costs for job creators and consumers.”

Overall, however, the financial impact of the Ohio RPS on ratepayers is likely quite low and represents approximately 0.45% of the total cost of electricity that Ohioans pay, or about $5 per average ratepayer per year. A more in depth analysis by SRECTrade of the RPS cost to OH ratepayers can be found here.


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