New Pennsylvania SREC Application Requirements

Posted January 9th, 2012 by SRECTrade.

The PA Alternative Energy Program Administrators (AEPS) have changed the requirements for applying for SREC certification numbers. Any systems that apply for PA certification after 1/1/2012 must now provide the following:

Photos of the array- The photos must show the entire array. Multiple photos should be provided if necessary.

Photos of the meter- The photos of the solar production meter or inverter (if no solar prooduction meter is installed) must show the kW-hr production at the time that the application is submitted. This meter reading will be the starting point for earning SRECs. For example, if the meter reads 500 kW-hrs at the time that the application is submitted then any future meter readings submitted will have 500 kW-hrs subtracted from them to determine SREC production.

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