U.S. Senators Push Renewable Electricity Standard (RES)

Posted August 13th, 2010 by SRECTrade.

There have been several groups lobbying for the inclusion of a Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) in the Senate’s energy legislation.  In addition to several senators, a coalition led by several trade groups and forward thinking utilities have written a letter to Senator Reid.

According to E&E News, more than half of the U.S. Senate’s Democrats have signed a letter urging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to include a national RES in any energy legislation that comes to the floor this summer. The senators indicated that they are willing to work together to facilitate the passage of a strong RES.

In addition to the Democrats, some Republicans have demonstrated that they want to support the passage of a national RES. Initial indications have shown that the legislation could require utilities to produce up to 15% of their power from renewable sources. Some Democrats have stated they would like this number to be at least 20% and would prefer to see something in the range of 25%.

The House-passed climate and energy bill sets a combined 20 percent renewable electricity and efficiency standard by 2020.

You can find the full letter here.

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