Maryland SREC Registration Details

Posted August 14th, 2009 by SRECTrade.

Here is some information we’ve collected from the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) on how the SREC registration process in Maryland works.

1. Install your solar system: Work with your installer to complete the system and connect the net meter to the grid.

2. Obtain a state certification number: Once your solar system is installed, you must submit an application for certification with the Maryland PSC. The application can be found here: Application for MD Certification Excel file. Instructions for certification can be found on the first tab of the application titled “Instructions” and the second tab “Solar REF Application” is to be completed and submitted via Maryland’s online portal. When the application is approved, you will get a state certification number that looks like: MD-70302-SUN-01.

3. Sign up for EasyREC with SRECTrade (within 30 days): On SRECTrade, you have two options, you can sign up for the EasyREC service and we’ll post your SRECs on the PSC website (a state requirement), register your system in GATS (Note: This must be done within 30 days of obtaining a state certification number), generate your SRECs, place them in auction and transfer them to buyers on your behalf, you do nothing more than set your minimum price and check your bank account for the direct deposits.

Alternatively, you can also do it yourself by posting the credits on the PSC website (see below), learning to navigate the GATS platform, generating your own credits and then placing them in the SRECTrade auction manually.  However, we created the EasyREC service to make this all as painless as possible!

About the state requirement to post your credits for sale on the PSC website: This requirement is unique to Maryland. All solar generators must make their SRECs available to the utilities to purchase in a 15-year contract. (Note: As of 8/2009, no utilities are purchasing SRECs in long term contracts because Maryland has offered no protection if the SREC program were to be dissolved).  To do this, either sign up for the EasyREC service and SRECTrade will do this for you, or go to the REC Supplier Registration page, create an account and list your SRECs for sale for a minimum of 5 days.

How long can your system generate SRECs?: Your Maryland solar system can generate SRECs for the life of the system. Unlike New Jersey, where a system can only generate SRECs for 15-years, there is no specific rule in the Maryland law that limits the length that your system is eligible.

What is the life of a single SREC?: SRECs in Maryland have a 3-year useful life. An SREC is good for the current energy year and the two following years.  If you do not sell your SREC now, you can still sell it next year or the year after. If a utility buys your SREC now, it can apply to this year’s requirement or any of the next two years.

Can I sell my Marlyand SRECs out-of-state?: Yes, you can sell into other states that will allow you to get your system certified. For most Maryland generators, Pennsylvania is a viable market.  See our cross-listing section for more details.

Can I sell SRECs from an out-of-state system into Maryland?: No, Maryland recently changed the RPS to close the state off to out-of-state generators. See more information on where else you may sell your SRECs in the cross-listing section.

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