MA DOER Solar Stakeholder Update – 400 MW Cap

Posted May 29th, 2013 by SRECTrade.

The MA DOER sent out an email on Wednesday, May 29th to MA solar stakeholders announcing that more than 400 MW of SREC program applications are now administratively complete. The email can be read here. In total 550 MW of applications have either been qualified or are under review. The most recent data released (5/20/2013) by the DOER shows that 217.9 MW of applications are qualified and operational, suggesting that over 180 MW of capacity is qualified and not yet operational.

Below are the key points:

  • The DOER will announce the rules for a new 1,200 MW capacity program shortly.
  • 550 MW of capacity has applied for an SQA under the current 400 MW program.
  • Approximately 400 MW is defined as administratively complete.
  • The DOER will announce no later the June 4th a current list of all projects that have or will receive a Statement of Qualification. It will also post a list of projects, in order of their eligibility for qualification, that have SQAs deemed administratively complete but are beyond the 400 MW cap of qualified capacity, as well as a list of pending applications under review.
  • The DOER will continue to accept applications and allow two weeks for applicants to address any deficiencies before rejecting the applications. The DOER expects that applications received on or after June 7th, the anticipated promulgation date of the new regulation, will be reviewed under the revised regulation.
  • Some of the non-operational administratively complete and incomplete SQA applications are likely to be rejected or otherwise taken out of the application queue by project owners that are not yet prepared for construction.

What SRECTrade is doing

SRECTrade will continue to process applications with the DOER pending any clarification that applications will not be accepted. All applications that have been submitted to SRECTrade for SQA paperwork have been submitted to the DOER and will be finalized under the normal procedures. Further clarifications will be sent to our clients and partners as the DOER releases more information. Until then we will remain diligently attuned to any news from the DOER and other stakeholders.

What is the 400 MW Cap?

400 MW of installed PV capacity in Massachusetts is eligible for the current Massachusetts SREC program. Projects that are deemed eligible by the DOER to participate in the current program are allowed 40 quarters from their eligibility start date (defined by their SQA application) to produce SRECs and qualify for DOER Solar Credit Clearinghouse Auctions. Projects that are installed and registered after the 400 MW cap is reached will be eligible for another program that the DOER will outline shortly.

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