Massachusetts 400 MW Cap Update

Posted June 3rd, 2013 by SRECTrade.

DOER to file emergency regulation

On Monday evening (6/3/2013) the DOER sent out a second email updating stakeholders on the situation surrounding the state’s solar requirements surpassing the current 400 MW goal. The email included a link to the latest data on the status of projects’ applications for the 400 MW Solar Carve-out. Additionally, the statement noted the DOER’s intentions to file emergency regulation sometime this month. Details on the emergency regulation proposal will be provided at a stakeholder meeting this Friday, June 7th. In addition to the emergency regulation, the meeting will cover the status of the post 400 MW solar program.

400 MW Solar Carve-out filled with non-operational project applications

On May 29th SRECTrade reported on an email from the Massachusetts DOER stating that the Massachusetts SREC market had reached the 400 MW goal. This came on the heels of a May 20, 2013 qualified projects list released by the DOER that showed only 287 MW of qualified capacity registered, which left room for 113 MW of new qualified capacity. Of the 287 MW capacity, 69.1 MW was listed as non-operational. However, the Pending SQAs list made public today shows that an additional 110.8 MW of non-operational projects were listed as qualified or administratively complete by the DOER between the issuance of the 2 reports. In total 179.9 MW or 45% of the qualified or administratively complete solar capacity is currently listed as non-operational.

SRECTrade to attend the DOER’s stakeholder meeting on June 7th

SRECTrade continues to closely monitor events and will have a representative at the DOER’s stakeholder meeting on Friday, June 7th. We will provide any relevant updates as they become available.

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