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Final SRECTrade Auction for MA 2010 SRECs is Friday, June 3rd

Posted May 27th, 2011 by SRECTrade.

The trading year for 2010 Massachusetts SRECs is coming to a close. The deadline to opt-in to the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) administered auction is June 15th, however there is still time to sell through the SRECTrade MA auction! SRECTrade’s final 2010 MA SREC auction closes on Friday, June 3rd at 5 pm EST and is open to any market participant. The May 2011 SRECTrade auction posted a $570/SREC clearing price (95% of the MA SACP) and is indicative of the high demand for unsold MA SRECs.

Participants in the June 3rd Massachusetts SRECTrade auction will be notified of the auction results by Wednesday, June 8th- well before the opt-in period for the DOER auction. SRECs sold in the DOER auction will receive a maximum price of $285/SREC after DOER administrative fees. After the SRECTrade June 3rd auction any unsold 2010 MA SRECs that are not placed in the DOER auction by June 15th will be retired and will no longer be eligible for sale.

Massachusetts SRECs are created on a quarterly basis following a January 1st to December 31st energy year. According to the rules outlined by the DOER, SRECs created from generation in Q4 of each year (October, November, December) are first available for sale on the open market at the beginning of Q2 (April 15th) the following year. Following the same cycle, SRECs created from solar generation in Q1 of 2011 are not available until the beginning of Q3 (July 15th). For this reason SRECs created at the end of 2010 are still being traded in SRECTrade’s monthly auctions through the June auction. Due to high demand for unsold SRECs there should be little activity, if any, in the DOER auction.

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