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First Massachusetts SREC Auction closes, Q1 SRECs sell for $500

Posted August 6th, 2010 by SRECTrade.

Massachusetts now has its first SREC sale on the books.  On July 15th, the first SRECs from the first quarter (Q1: Jan-Mar) of 2010 were created by NEPOOL GIS for the new Massachusetts Solar Carve-Out program. The first transaction has now occurred on  The SRECs cleared at a price of $500 per SREC.

There are still Q1 SRECs that did not sell in this auction.  They will continue to be available in the September and, if necessary, October SREC auctions on  Meanwhile, the second quarter (Q2: Apr-Jun) generation will be added to the supply in the November auction.

This great news for the Massachusetts solar industry and an excellent start to what should be one of the healthiest and most robust SREC markets in the nation.