PA SRECs begin accruing at time of application for new facilities

Posted November 9th, 2009 by SRECTrade.

If PA is the first state you are registering SRECs in, then you will want to apply for PA certification as soon as possible… Unlike some other states, the Pennsylvania SREC program (also known as AEP Program) will not count SRECs generated at the time of installation or interconnection. SRECs will only be credited from the time of application to the PA program. However, if your system has already been registered in another state, any SRECs that are generated in that state will have the PA certification applied to them, so this will not apply to your SRECs. The PA AEPS¬† now requests a meter reading at the time of application so that it can use that reading as the starting point of your SREC generation.

To apply to the PA program as an EasyREC customer, please complete the PA SREC certification forms.  All other users can refer to our guide on applying for PA certification here.

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