Pennsylvania Detailed Process for Obtaining State Certification Number

Posted July 28th, 2009 by SRECTrade.

SRECTrade can now register your solar facility in Pennsylvania. If you are an EasyREC customer, please download the PA SREC registration forms.  Note: You want to do this as quickly as possible if this is the first state you are registering in because the Pennsylvania program manager was recently instructed by the PUC to count generation from the date of application (not from the time the system is installed or interconnected).  This only applies to solar owners who have NOT registered previously in another state.  If you registered previously in another state, SRECs that are certified in that state will also have the PA certification applied to them.

For all other customers, hopefully this post will clear up any confusion with the process.

1) Go to the link below. 2) Click on “Open New Account” under the General Navigation Tab on the left of the screen. 3) Fill out that form and click “Create Account.” 4) Click Login right under “Open New Account” on the left. 5) Login. 6) Click on “A New Facility” under the “Apply For” tab on the left. 7) Fill out the “Online Solar System Description Form” 8) Fill out the “Online Customer Attestation Form”

open-new-account1 apply-for3


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3 Responses to “Pennsylvania Detailed Process for Obtaining State Certification Number”

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  2. […] However, West Virginia is within the PJM regional transmission organization which means that residents may be able to certify their solar systems in Pennsylvania.  We highly recommend doing this because they would be considered SRECs in PA and therefore have a much higher value than they ever would in West Virginia.  You can find the information to register here on our Pennsylvania Cross-List Blog.  […]

  3. […] To apply to the PA program as an EasyREC customer, please complete the PA SREC certification forms.  All other users can refer to our guide on applying for PA certification here. […]