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Virginia REC Opportunities

Posted July 2nd, 2021 by SRECTrade.

SRECTrade’s Virginia application is currently live on our website. As previously mentioned, the Virginia Clean Economy Act compels Dominion to procure 1% of their RPS compliance from in-state distributed solar resources smaller than 1 MW. This equates to approximately 90 MW in 2021. Dominion filed an RFP this year to meet their obligations.

While there is still uncertainty regarding spot trades in the Virginia market, SRECTrade is continuing to monitor the market and will monetize RECs through all available channels. Beginning in Q3 2021, SRECTrade will be offering 2-year and 5-year forward contracts for systems under 1 MW located in the state of Virginia.

For more information regarding contract opportunities please reach out to

SRECTrade announces SREC Forwards Exchange

Posted May 5th, 2010 by SRECTrade.

In 2008, SRECTrade launched the SREC auction as an innovative way to connect sellers directly to buyers in the nascent SREC markets that lacked liquidity and transparency. Since then the auctions have grown substantially, providing publicly available market pricing and fulfilling a missing piece in the SREC program. With the expansion of new SREC markets in adjacent states, SRECTrade is now the leading online platform for anything related to SRECs.

With the launch of the SREC Forwards Exchange, SRECTrade has become a one-stop shop for all participants in the  SREC markets.  The service now includes long-term SREC price discovery and contracts, in addition to the spot transactions available in the auction. The Forwards Exchange will provide a mechanism to match sellers in need of long-term contracts or upfront payments for financing solar projects to parties interested in the return opportunities available in buying and trading forward contracts.

In the Forwards Exchange, sellers and buyers will have two options.  Prepaid Forwards are available to smaller facilities using estimated generation.  These users will be able to sell any strip or individual SREC scheduled to be produced by their facility for an upfront payment from a buyer.  For larger facilities, traditional Forward Contracts are available in the exchange with payment terms on delivery.  Both sellers and buyers entering into the payment-on-delivery forwards will be required to post some form of collateral, whether it be maintaining a margin requirement for buyers or withholding a portion of the SRECs generated for sellers.  Buyers in both markets will own the rights to the SRECs and can choose to hold onto them until maturity or close their positions in the market at any time.

For more information, visit our main website for each market:

Prepaid Forwards – Upfront payments for SRECs

Forward Contracts – Long-term SREC contracts with payment-on-delivery

For questions or comments on the SREC Forwards Exchange, please email