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Selling SRECs from Solar Hot Water Systems

Posted May 18th, 2012 by SRECTrade.

It’s been a while since we last updated our readers on the fundamentals of SRECs for solar hot water (SHW) systems. Currently two markets, Washington DC and Maryland, allow for SRECs sold from solar hot water systems. There have been proposals to create SREC markets for SHW in other markets, but no other states have concrete plans to do so.

Key concepts:

SRECs from SHW systems are calculated by using the annual energy estimate provided by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) OG- 300 Water Heating System Rating or by converting BTUs to kW-hr equivalents from BTU meters.  BTU meter readings are provided directly to the tracking registry (PJM GATS) in BTU’s and PJM GATS converts the BTUs into kilowatts.  Calculate kW-hr equivalents by multiplying system BTUs by .000293 and 1,000 kW-hrs = 1 SREC.

Maryland SHW Registration Rules

    • Must be located in MD
    • Only systems commissioned with passing plumbing inspections issued after June 1, 2011 or later are eligible
    • Single dwelling residential systems are capped at 5 SRECs per year
    • Commercial systems are not capped
    • SHW systems cannot be used for heating a pool or hot tub
    • Systems must be certified by the SRCC OG-300 reporting protocol or have an International Organization of Metrology (OIML) compliant meter
    • SHW modules must be SRCC OG-100 compliant

District of Columbia SHW Registration Rules

    • Must be located in DC
    • Residential system must be SRCC OG-300 certified
    • Commercial systems producing >10,000 kW-hr equivalents must be SRCC OG-100 certified and have an OIML compliant meter
    • Commercial systems producing <10,000 kW-hr equivalents must be SRCC OG-100 certified, have an OIML meter or be certified to the SRCC OG-300 reporting protocol

If you’d like to utilize SRECTrade to monetize SRECs produced from SHW systems in either MD of DC please fill out this application and follow the directions on the form.

MD Solar Thermal Systems Await Application from MD PSC

Posted October 25th, 2011 by SRECTrade.

On January 1st, 2012 the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) will begin accepting applications for MD-sited Solar Water Heating Systems (SWH) to become certified to sell SRECs in the MD SREC market. As this law allows eligible systems to be installed on or after June 1, 2011, many MD customers are anxiously awaiting their turn to participate in the MD SREC market. As long as a SWH facility meets the necessary metering standards described in an earlier blog post, the facility can produce SRECs for each MWh-equivalent of thermal energy consumed. For single-dwelling residential systems, there is a maximum 5 SRECs per year that may be produced.

The MD PSC will release the formal application form and list of necessary requirements over the next few weeks. While the MD PSC finalizes their application process, MD SWH systems are encouraged to check out our EasyREC SREC management service and to fill out the SRECTrade Solar Thermal EasyREC form. SRECTrade will guide your system through the registration phase and alert you to any supporting documentation that we will need. Check back on our blog for further updates as we approach the new year.

MD to Accept In-state Solar Water Heating Systems for SREC Market

Posted May 27th, 2011 by SRECTrade.

Maryland recently passed legislation which will allow residential-scale in-state solar water heating systems (SWH) installed on or after June 1st 2011 to sell SRECs into the MD SREC market.  Eligible systems will, at a maximum, be able to produce 5 SRECs per year. The law does not go in to effect until January 1st 2012, so even if the system is installed now it will be another few months before they can monetize their SRECs. The bill states that eligible SWH systems are those that are not used solely for heating a pool or hot tub and are either metered by a device that meets the standards of the “International Organization of Legal Metrology” (OIML) or be OG-300 certified.

Another requirement is that the SWH collectors (the product that captures the sun’s heat) must be a “glazed liquid-type flat-plate or tubular solar collector by the OG-100 standard of the Solar Ratings and Certification Corporation (SRCC).”

Because SWH systems produce heat and not electricity, output is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) and not kW-hrs. In order for these systems to produce SRECs equivalent to their PV-system counterparts, they must be certified and metered in a way that can allow for accurate measuring and unit conversions. By multiplying each BTU by a conversion factor of .000293, one can determine the kWh equivalent production from the system. As a point of reference, a single a 21 ft2 flat plate solar thermal collector located in Baltimore, MD that has a conversion efficiency of 60% may produce as many as 2 SRECs per year.  Conversion efficiencies and BTU output will vary depending on the type of SWH panel used.